How to Create a Prospecting Gold Mine That Gives You Limitless Listing Appointments

How to Create a Prospecting Gold Mine That Gives You Limitless Listing Appointments Without Making A Single Cold Call Ever Again! (1)

Hey guys! Tatiana Londono here, star of HGTV’s ‘The Property Shop’ and Founder & CEO of Londono Realty Group Inc, one of the largest residential brokerage firms in Montreal, with more than 100 agents, and I’ve sold over 5,127 homes for over 1.65 billion dollars in sales. I’ve been in the real estate business for over a decade and throughout that time; I’ve had the privilege to mentor over 1000 agents and brokers.

I am really excited to share something with you and offer you a special invitation.  

We all hate prospecting but know it’s necessary. Of course real estate needs to be sold in order for you to make any money. HOWEVER, doing nothing but running buyers around all day and spending your weekends at open houses selling other agents’ listings will most likely put real success out of your reach.

In most every situation you will work harder to service a buyer than you will to list a property… and usually make less money. This is because:

  • There is only so much time in a day which limits the number of buyers you can work with.
  • Most buyers want to see a number of properties before making a decision; and for some, the decision is to NOT buy anything, or to move on, after all of your hard work with them.
  • You find out later because of something out of your control your buyers no longer qualify for financing.

Listings on the other hand, can sell and pay you without ever having spent any time with a buyer. And the time it takes to get a listing can be far less than the time it takes to service a buyer.

In addition, if you only service buyers you will never have the opportunity for a FULL or double ended (buyer/seller) commission.  I have seen many new agents so focused on buyers that they end up frustrated and unable to meet their goals.

You Must List Property to Become a ‘High Roller’

The power of a listing is amazing. When you list a property you have instantly hired every other agent in your market to sell for you. You get the opportunity to advertise the property, and therefore advertise yourself along with it. You also get the ability to put up signs all over town with your name on them, which leads to more listings! Getting listings is one of the greatest lead generators for agents to get more buyers and sellers.  

So how do you get listings? What do you do after you have exhausted your list of family and friends, asking them if they would like to sell their homes? Now what?!    

ANSWER: You must make calls. Not just any calls – but a certain scripted type of call that most sales people dread. I don’t usually do this but I am going to say a four letter word now, right here on my blog. These are called: ‘COLD’ Calls!  

A cold call is probably the most loathed phone call in the history of sales. You are catching a complete stranger by surprise that was not expecting your call and prospecting. You are getting constant rejection. How many times do you want to be hung up on or treated like an annoyance?

Cold calling beats up your morale. If you have done any cold calling you know how hard it is to leave the office for a showing and put on your happy face after hearing several dozen people reject you!

The difficulty of cold calling is compounded by the following facts:

  • Most agents have not had sufficient training in handling objections.
  • The majority of cold calling scripts are woefully inadequate.
  • In order for cold calling to provide consistent leads it needs to be done regularly. However when you do get an appointments and leave the office your prospecting.  machine is turned off. (In other words you cannot do two things at the same time.)

When I started out in this business I isolated and overworked myself making calls. I was desperately hunting for listings and didn’t know when the next commission check was coming. It was either feast or famine.

The phone seemed to get heavier with every call. Soon it was so heavy I didn’t think I could pick up that phone again. If you are like me, no matter how good you get at cold calling you come up with reason after reason (excuses) to keep from dialing until you walk outside and scream “There’s got to be a better way!”   

I then wasted thousands of dollars buying marketing systems that didn’t work. If you’ve been selling real estate for some time, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

You need to make a lot of calls to get listings. The odds are you should get one listing appointment out of every 100 calls. How many calls can you make in a week? 300? 400? From those efforts, you should get two to four listing appointments a week. So are you thinking, “Sounds great Tat but….”

How on Earth can You be Doing Everything You Need to do to List and Sell Real Estate if You are Making 300 to 400 Phone Calls a Week?

While you might get away with making this many calls when you are starting out in your career, soon the business you generate will have you so busy, that you won’t have time to prospect. Then you cut way back on prospecting, or stop altogether, and sooner or later you run low (if not completely out of) listings, and are back at square one! A vicious cycle of: FEAST OR FAMINE!

You need a consistent prospecting system.

Do you want A Constant Overflow of Buyer and Seller Leads? So Many, YOU Get to Pick and Choose Who YOU Want to Work With!  

Instead of blowing your money on marketing schemes that don’t produce a desirable ROI, and struggling to make cold call after cold call, imagine signing listings every day – making all the money you want and having the time to take vacations and spend time with family and friends.

I am living the life of my dreams selling real estate and so are many other agents who are using my systems. You can use my successful strategies whether you just got your license, have been selling real estate for a few years, or are a seasoned pro. These systems are universal.  

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Tatiana Londono
Star Of HGTV’s “The Property Shop”, Master Real Estate Broker at Londono Realty Group and Realtor Coach and Founder Of Real Estate High Rollers Academy
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