The Power of the Celebrity Brand Lead Generation System

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Hey guys! Tatiana Londono here.
For those of you who might not already know, I am the star of HGTV’s ‘The Property Shop’ and Founder & CEO of Londono Realty Group Inc. We are one of the largest residential brokerage firms in Montreal, with more than 100 agents. I’ve sold over 5,127 homes for over 1.65 billion dollars in sales and have also had the privilege of mentoring over 1000 agents and brokers.

I am really excited to share some amazing marketing methods with you and offer you a special invitation.

Have you ever spent money on marketing and:

  • You created more work but not income.
  • You were not sure how to measure conversions and if the money you spent returned anything at all.
  • You know for a fact you lost money on useless marketing and felt ashamed.

If you answered “Yes’ to any of these, you are like most realtors including ME!

You’ve probably seen some seemingly great marketing opportunities for radio or TV spots, newspaper display ads, billboards, websites, SEO, and many more. Realtors must market and advertise. But there are few worse feelings in this business than after you have written a check and a few months have gone by and you realize you threw your money away.

Marketing is the BIGGEST expense a Realtor incurs and it can either MAKE or BREAK you…and usually really FAST.

You can spend thousands on marketing and if you don’t get results you can go broke. Many agents give up altogether because they never get a handle on a successful marketing system. After all the time spent getting a license and set up in business that’s a real shame. You need a marketing system that doesn’t take up more of your time and gives you a great ROI (Return on Investment.)

The answer; Build Your Own Celebrity Brand. There is no better feeling in real estate than investing in yourself and seeing that pay you back… and potentially many times over.  A celebrity brand will make you an authority in your market and you can add a system that generates an overflow of leads…all this without breaking the bank.


Creating content such as videos that promote you as a celebrity brand can be easy, fun, and does not cost much.  Creating videos is almost like cloning yourself for prospecting and creating a great impression in your market. Videos can be created quickly and be effective in almost any situation, even on an iPhone. You can create a real estate news show, listing videos, testimonial videos, tips and resources, and more. I use video every opportunity I get. Your videos can easily be converted into multiple pieces of content such as an article, Facebook post, or podcast.


Community Resource Center

The next step in my Celebrity Brand Lead Generation System™ is to create a Community Resource Center. A Community Resource Center generates leads by giving potential buyers and sellers valuable information to help them make better real estate decisions. Information along the lines of target neighborhood home prices, recent sales, school district ratings, trends, financial data on mortgages, plus many other possible data points your community would appreciate finding in one place.

The goal is to provide this value in exchange for their contact information. You can think of this phase as presenting useful information to your market like a helpful consultant.

Why a Community Resource Center™?

Did you know there are some consumers that are reluctant to deal with realtors? This is the cold, unpleasant result of today’s society being overwhelmed with marketing messages. In fact, potential buyers and sellers initially want information without being contacted or being pursued by realtors. Providing valuable information enables you to attract potential prospects without the ‘threat’ of being immediately bombarded by an agent or prospecting calls.


A Community Resource Center™ (CRC) offers valuable, free information to gain trust and build a connection with your eventual prospect. When people perceive the value of your CRC, they are then more willing to provide their details including primary emails, phone number and address. You want to build strong relationships in your market and create sufficient engagement with your prospects in the early stages of considering buying or selling a home. You will be their automatic choice once they are committed to making a move.

community resource

You might call this program a plan for becoming the ‘go-to’ realtor in your market. By implementing my blueprint you can establish that position in your market.  You will be building your prospect base and audience every single day following this plan and eventually ascend to your rightful position as the top realtor in your market.

Setting Up Automatic Systems

Your Community Resource Center™ exists to attract as many people into the top of your marketing funnel as possible. You know how spending hour after hour painstakingly sifting through leads from the general population when you could be out listing or showing homes is frustrating and heartbreaking.   My automatic systems bring prospects to the table, nurtures them and lets them self-identify once they are close to being ready to do business.

sales funnel

You only have so many hours in a day for prospecting and want to make efficient use of every minute.  Contacting people that are not within your criteria of being a  “READY ” prospect not only wastes your time but will lead to feeling demoralized. You want people ready to do business.

You can set your own bar for what constitutes a person that is ready to do business, but I recommend considering a person or couple that is planning on making a move, either buying or selling within 6 months to be a viable prospect. Outside of 6 months and you will be dealing with someone that considers you a low priority. You certainly need to keep in contact with them while categorizing them properly for how much time you can devote to their needs.

As prospects get closer to the anticipated date of listing or buying a new home (within 3 months) they are likely to be getting everything arranged, including their realtor. You want to meet with prospects at the sweet spot of 6 months to 3 months before they are ready to list.


Your Special Invitation

CLICK HERE to sign up right now. 

If you are tired of:

  • throwing away money on suspect marketing
  • spending way too much time prospecting
  • cold calling
  • sorting through tons of potential client contact information to qualify leads

and if you want:

  • the status of being recognized in your community as a credible real estate celebrity
  • a constant flow of people calling you when they are ready to buy or list
  • more time to list sell and show homes
  • more time with family and/or friends!

Then I want to show you just how to create the best digital you; your celebrity brand. I want you to see my Celebrity Brand Lead Generation System™ that will deliver high-value prospects into your funnel every single day.

I am inviting you to my exciting FREE one hour workshop. I will explain exactly where to start and the blueprint to create a celebrity brand and community resource center.  CLICK HERE to sign up right now. 

Tatiana Londono
Star Of HGTV’s “The Property Shop”, Master Real Estate Broker at Londono Realty Group and Realtor Coach and Founder Of Real Estate High Rollers Academy
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